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Billy’s story..

Billy’s Started life as a shipping container past its prime, weathered and looking a bit sorry. Its still a shipping container, but after undergoing a facelift and makeover is brimming with community, life and vitality.

We are often asked who is ‘Billy Winter’s?’, well Billy is a small local prawn this is caught in the winter months in and around the harbour and fleet lagoon, right in front of the diner. As the prawns were caught in the cold winter months and not in the heat of the summer (unlike the norm with other prawns), local fishermen saw it fit to name them ‘Silly Billy’s or Billy Winter’s.

We thought it sounded more like a surfer dude than a prawn and as lots of wind and kite surfers come to this stretch of water to practise their sports, so ‘Billy’ soon took on a personality of his own! Hence Billy Winter’s was born.

History of Billy Winters

Sea you soon!

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