Billy Winter’s is a beach bar & diner located (you guessed it!) on the beach, with stunning views across Weymouth Bay and beyond.

We have tried to create a chilled-out, beach,  no-rush and ecliptic vibe. Bubble & Squeak for dinner? Pizza for breakfast? However you would like to order, is fine with us!


Our woodfired pizza oven runs all day, so our chefs and create a tempting new pizza whenever someone we know swings by with something seasonally interesting i.e local mushrooms or fleet lagoon foraged seabeet. The world is our chef’s costal oyster!

A bit like the tides, our menu is everchanging. Whether we are serving a comforting homemade soup on a clear and crisp winter lunchtime or our own brewed craft lager on a lazy Sunday afternoon, the choice is completely yours.

Two Dogs Tied at the Doggy Refreshment Station Near Billy Winters

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